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      Lefuer painting supplies a variety of coating equipment, drying equipment

      Release date:2019-04-24

      Yongkang Lefuer Coating Equipment Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in surface treatment, drying equipment, painting equipment design, R&D, manufacturing, installation and sales services. Member of China Surface Engineering Coating Association unit. In 2010, he was selected as the top ten enterprises in the 4th China coating industry.

      High temperature drying tunnel production line

      High temperature drying tunnel production line product features:

      1. The design concept of this high-temperature drying tunnel is ultra-wide standard type. It adopts 1200mm all stainless steel (including large roller chain) spiral mesh belt, professional stainless steel rail, internal stainless steel liner fully enclosed joint type, partially open structure .

      2. This high-temperature drying tunnel is designed with an inlet zone, a passive leveling preheating zone, a high temperature sintering zone, a rapid cooling zone, and an exit zone. It has 8 sets of all-intelligent computer temperature control system, 140KW full stainless steel long-life electric heating tube heating system, mesh belt variable frequency shifting system, designed maximum working temperature temperature rise 420 °C, the best working speed is 1500mm/min. The upper and lower sides of the drying tunnel are designed with independent air inlet and outlet air ducts, and the top is equipped with a water-cooled hot air mixing mechanism. The temperature zone in the high temperature zone is very uniform, and the temperature curve requirement of DuPont non-stick paint is obtained, and it is suitable for coating aluminum parts and iron parts with thicker quality.


      According to the market situation, the company has also specially launched Teflon high-temperature drying tunnel to meet the needs of enterprises for high-precision non-stick coating spraying operations.

      Spray cleaning machine

      Spray cleaning machine product features:

      1. This equipment is made of stainless steel except for the drying tunnel and cooling system.

      2, import (handle the workpiece into the mesh belt) → 60 ° C NaOH degreasing high pressure spray type degreasing → 60 ° C hot water wash → wash away residual NaOH and oil → water rinse → water wash → air curtain → pickling ( HF)→hot water washing→water rinsing→replenishing water→air curtain (preventing water from entering the drying tunnel to improve drying efficiency and reducing water marks)→drying→cooling→export.

      3. The optimal design speed is 800~1200/hour. That is, the mesh belt speed is 1500mm/min, the highest workpiece can be washed 200mm (speed stepless adjustment); the air curtain adopts high-pressure fan and electric lifting, which makes the adjustment convenient and reliable. And greatly improve work efficiency and save work costs.

      Non-stick coating production line

      Non-stick coating production line product features:

      Non-stick pot spraying production line, also known as non-stick pot coating production line, non-stick pot automatic coating line, full name is not drill pot automatic coating production line, the work flow is as follows: manual upper part, automatic blowing dust, 50 ° C preheating Dehumidification, 3S-4P dust-free automatic spraying (primer), 130°C online (primer) sintering, rapid freezing, 3S-8P dust-free two automatic spraying (in-layer spraying and top-layer spraying), leveling, Manually enter the 28M-1200-450 °C high temperature sintering furnace (drying tunnel), 3S-4P dust-free automatic spraying (external coating), 25M-1200-280 °C medium temperature sintering furnace (drying tunnel), lower parts.