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      Product name:Pre-suspension treatment powder coating line

      Contact: Mr. Xu


      Email: ykxiongliang@163.com

      Address: No. 208, Airport Road, Gaoping District, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province

      Notice for use


      Hanging coating production line

      Directions for use


      Keep the site dry and clean. Do not store flammable or explosive materials around it. Keep the equipment clean and in good condition.

      Boot to prepare

      Check adding large drive chain butter at least once a week, check adding small drive chain oil at least once a week to ensure the lubrication of the chain.

      Add at least one cup of oil every working day. After filling up the oil tank with high temperature oil, start the oil switch and adjust the oil injection volume to keep the chain wet but no oil flowing. The refueling time of each shift shall not be less than 2 hours.

      3. Check whether automatic tightening is normal and determine whether there is enough automatic contraction distance.

      If the shrinkage distance is not enough to inform the manufacturer in time for maintenance, you can also remove some chains by yourself.

      4. Whether the gas supply pressure of natural gas (liquefied gas) is within 5kpa-8.5kpa or not, if the reason is not found, it can only be started up normally. (heating of coal, adding coal by artificial ignition)

      5. Whether the power supply of the control cabinet is normal, the voltage should be between 380 and 400V.

      6. Confirm that the plastic powder cylinder of the plastic spraying machine is within the normal range, and start the machine to preheat the automatic spraying lift for 5min.

      7. Start the power supply of automatic air beating filter element to ensure the smooth operation of the filter element.

      Adjust voltage, current and elevator speed of electrostatic generator respectively. The specific parameters must be set according to the successful debugging, and timely record the specific products and specific parameters of success every day, which can be used to make the adjustment of production standards and product quality and technical record in the future. Non-professionals are not allowed to adjust the start-up.

      9 needed to bake, depending on the workpiece temperature curing time and curing temperature of mold powder, set should be reference temperature when debugging the success of the specific parameter setting, should not change often, and according to the actual situation of the products endothermic time correctly adjust hanging chain working speed, make the products of the molding powder curing temperature and product heat heating time are within a reasonable scope, ensure that the product surface is smooth and firm.

      At the same time, set the preheating temperature in a reasonable range, the workpiece can be just drying temperature plus 5° is appropriate. Generally, the temperature of drying area is between 100 and 150.


      10. The water level of the pre-treatment tank shall be checked and adjusted frequently. It shall be adjusted every four hours during normal operation (chemical supplement and water level adjustment). The standard water level is that the product can be submerged without overrunning the drain.

      11, the pre-treatment pump motor combustion machine, due to poor working environment, must keep dry and clean, refuse to work in dustproof, damp environment.

      12, adjust the liquid level of each pool, make it between the reasonable water level, and prepare the chemical concentration of the solution, and close the heating switch, so that the pool to be heated began to preheat, and set the temperature of the temperature controller insulation temperature, generally set at 40-60 .

      13. Check the working condition of the nozzle every day, timely clean the blocked nozzle, and check the working pressure of the pump.


      1, close the main power supply, confirm that the setting temperature of each temperature controller is correct, (according to the temperature requirements of plastic powder set the best control temperature of the temperature meter, switch high temperature protection temperature controller temperature is set at 50-100higher than the operating temperature, the general curing temperature of plastic powder between 180 and 200), etc. (specific reference to the plastic powder instructions). Close the motor power supply of the strong convection fan, one by one close the heating power supply of water and moisture drying path, close the transmission drive power supply, correctly adjust the working speed of the suspension chain, and determine whether the equipment runs normally. Abnormal shutdown immediately check and repair or notify the factory to send special personnel to repair.

      2. When the temperature rises to the set temperature, start the automatic jet blower and the compressed air of 4~6MPa after cooling and dewatering, start the automatic jet molding machine and automatic lift, and make the whole equipment run normally. And adjust the speed according to the specific conditions of the workpiece, to ensure that the circulation fan is turning and normal operation.

      3. Pay attention to the temperature indication on the temperature controller and product quality after production, and make timely adjustment according to the above methods to ensure product quality and benefit.

      4, the production must put the whole conveyor fixture full of products, so as to improve efficiency, save energy, but also effectively avoid the fixture grounding fault, found that the workpiece powder should be promptly removed on the plastic powder insulation layer

      5. Oil and gas heating requires filling up with oil (gas) after work every day. Clean the filter carefully once to ensure the normal operation of the equipment the next day. The fuel nozzle and fuel oil of fuel tank should be cleaned every 5 days to keep the imported burner clean. To do maintenance and cleaning care. (adjust the pressure for gas every day)

      6. Check and bake every month to ensure that every part of it works normally and adjust in the best condition.

      7. Inform the manufacturer in time if the manufacturer cannot solve the problem.

      Matters needing attention

      1. The imported combustion engine is very precise and cannot be adjusted by itself, otherwise it is equivalent to giving up the warranty right. If there is any problem with the imported combustion engine, please inform the manufacturer to pick it up and repair it in time.

      2. Lubrication must be maintained where refueling is needed, otherwise the service life of the equipment will be shortened.

      3, transport chain, fan is strictly prohibited to reverse!

      4. The touch screen is a high-tech man-machine dialogue system. Keep your fingers clean when operating the touch screen. Finger touch input during operation is strictly forbidden to press the touch screen and other bad behaviors.