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      Product name:QXJ16-34M-1.2M-280C Flat mesh pre-processing pipeline

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              工程名稱: QXJ16-34M-1.2M-280C平面網帶式前處理流水線工程



      Design scheme


      Project name: QXJ16-34M-1.2M-280C plane net belt pretreatment pipeline project

      Technical design parameters




      QXJ16-34M-1.2M-280C plane net belt pre-treatment pipeline project

      Technical design parameters



      一、Project nameQXJ16-34M-1.2M-200C degreasing phosphating pretreatment and drying line

      、 Project contents

      The whole line is composed of pre-treatment, moisture drying furnace, conveying system, drying pipeline and electric control system of related equipment.

      All the above projects are "turnkey" projects for design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and technical services including personnel training, and cooperate with users accordingly.

      3. Design ideas

      According to the requirements of the customers and the conditions provided, we make full use of our advanced technology and technology, carefully select the famous and excellent accessories at home and abroad, so that the production line ranks the advanced level in the same industry in China.

      . Design basis

      1. Name of workpiece: iron drawing pan, cake mold, etc.

      Material: cold plate A3,

      2. Production program: 1200 pieces/hour

      3. Workpiece properties:

      (1) workpiece size: M200×L300*H200mm (full size)

      (2) workpiece quality: ≤5kg

      (3) the optimal design speed is 1.6m/min

      (4) external dimension: 34000L×1550W+500w×1500H (mm)

      4. Transportation mode:

      Plane type 212AL stainless steel 304 steel wire industrial mesh belt

      5. Heating energy: 10G of natural gas

      Degreasing sink: heat with professional 18kw



      V. process plan design (standard)

      1, an iron process: on a - skimmed (heating 40 ℃ to 50), e.g. degreasing 40 ℃ to 50 (heating) - drop (wiper), automatic water, water, rinse water (using the most environmentally friendly water before filling function) - drop (wiper) - watch - drop (wiper) area, surface chemical treatment (phosphate) - automatic water - water (wiper) area - water - filling water wash (with the most environmentally friendly water before filling function), automatic water, under the hot water - adjustable blowing wind curtain - bake, drying - the piece

      2. Process speed:

      Pretreatment pipeline: V = 1.6m/min(0-2.0m/min adjustable)

      3. Process parameters:

      (1) upper part :(manual) ≥1 meter

      (2) pretreatment: 23000L×1600W×1500H (mm)







      In a district



      Pre skim









      Automatic water

      Hot water washing





      Cold water to wash




      Waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall

      Automatic water






      Waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall





      Automatic water

      Surface chemistry (phosphating)





      To deal with




      Automatic water


      Water washing


      Filling water to wash


      Automatic water


      Automatic water


      The wind knife





      Dehydration drying oven:

            A, Dimensions: 8000L × 1600W × 1500H (excluding the height of the fan pipe)

            B, drying temperature: 0 ° C -200 ° C (adjustable)

            C, drying time: ≥ 5 minutes

            D, the temperature difference inside the furnace: ± 8 ° C

            F, heating energy consumption: 10G natural gas circulating air volume: 10G natural gas

            G, total installed power: drying tunnel 10G natural gas + skim 18KW

            H, heating time: ≤ 35 minutes

            J, noise: ≤75 decibels

          (4) Delivery system:

            A. Conveyor belt: 212AL-1.3m-12-3.0-2.5 stainless steel chain rod type large hole mesh belt

            B, lotus rod mesh belt pitch: 152mm

            C, drive motor power 1.5KW/380 160:1 imported Japanese GTR connected body gear motor

            D, running speed: 0-2.0m/min (frequency control)







      4、 process plan layout (see floor plan)

            Total length: about 34M

      5、 5. Energy parameters and requirements:





      Compressed air(㎡/min)

      Tap water(T/h

      Pretreatment pump



      Water heating


      Drying tunnel heating

      10G natural gas

      Automatic pouring


      Air knife


      Moisture drying oven


      Hot air circulation


      Send mesh belt




      Equipment pipeline energy configuration: tap water supervisor: DN50 pressure 0.05-0.1Mpa

      Power supply: three-phase four-wire system 380V ± 10 50Hz 48KW


      Main materials and configurations

      Pre-treatment spray section foot bracket

      45mm*75mm*1.5 mm stainless steel square


      Pretreatment spray section body

      1.2mm stainless steel, sheet metal


      Pretreatment spray tank

      1.5mm stainless steel, sheet metal


      Pretreatment spray section track

      2.5mm stainless steel, sheet metal (upper and lower)

      SUS304, 201

      Conveyor belt

      1200-12-3-2.5 stainless steel industrial mesh with wire


      Automatic water pouring motor

      200W/380V, 40:1 variable speed motor

      Japan imported GTR

      Automatic pouring adjustment screw

      M30*490mm 45# screw

      45# (outerwear)

      Hot air curtain

      2.2KW/380V -2-4.0A


      Pretreatment air curtain duct

      80*3 steel wire hose

      Steel hose


      YLX650-80 3.7KW

      Professional submerged coating pump (Taiwan Resources)


      YLX650-80 3.7KW

      Professional submerged coating pump

      Hot water wash

      YLX350-50 1.5KW

      (Taiwan Resources)


      YLX350-50 1.5KW

      Professional submerged coating pump


      YLX350-50 1.5KW

      (Taiwan Resources)

      Phosphating 1

      YHL 650-80 3.7KW

      Professional submerged coating pump

      Phosphating 2

      YHL 650-80 3.7KW

      (Taiwan Resources)


      YLX350-50 1.5KW

      Professional submerged coating pump

      Deionized water wash

      YLX350-50 1.5KW

      (Taiwan Resources)

      Pump fittings

      Use PPR or stainless steel tube

      Professional submerged coating pump

      Water pipe spray pipe fittings

      (Highly equipped with all stainless steel tubes)

      (Taiwan Resources)

      Spray nozzle

      Use PPR or stainless steel tube stainless steel tube

      Professional submerged coating pump

      Quick door

      (Highly equipped with all stainless steel tubes)

      (Taiwan Resources)

      Filter blue

      Snap type PPR6525-32mm-14

      Professional submerged coating pump

      Drying (drying) shell

      1.2mm stainless steel, sheet metal

      (Taiwan Resources)

      Drying (drying) liner

      1.2mm-2mm stainless steel punching

      Drying insulation

      1.2MM cold rolled sheet metal

      Professional submerged coating pump

      Strong convection

      0.8MM stainless steel

      (Taiwan Resources)

      Drying tunnel import and export

      150-200mm asbestos

      Stainless steel 304

      Fan freezing

      2.2KW/400V -4-4.5A

      Stainless steel 304

      Drying conveyor belt drive

      Handwheel adjustment mechanical door

      Corrosion resistant

      Conveyor belt speed

      Axial Fan

      Stainless steel 304

      Electric control cabinet

      1.5KW/400 160:1 Japanese GTR

      Stainless steel 304

      Circuit arrangement

      Frequency control 1.5KW/400, 0-1.5M

      Carbon steel spray paint


      Japanese electrical installation

      Stainless steel 304

      Track guard

      Cable trough routing


      Degreasing sedimentation tank

      natural gas


      Process plan structure description

      1. Pre-treatment spray equipment:

      The line uses a flat pass automatic spray process.

          (1) Dimensions: 20500L × 1600W × 1500H (mm)

          (2) Structure setting:

      A: The spray tunnel runs through all the pre-treatment stations. The wall panel adopts the edging structure of &1.2mm SUS304 stainless steel plate. The seam is protected by a retaining process, which eliminates the need for through-welding, so that the surface is smooth and smooth, and there is no through-welding. Deformation occurs. Designed with an observable quick-repair door every 500mm for quick removal of the spray bar and nozzle to be cleaned

      There are water-blocking plates on both sides of each station section, and the water-stopping plates of adjacent stations are transitional sections. The bottoms of each transition section are sloped to facilitate the self-returning of the spray liquid, and the transition section is designed with adjustable anti-sputum liquid. The air curtain avoids mutual enthalpy of different liquids in adjacent stations.

      The integrated sink design has a filter basket in each sink to ensure long nozzle cleaning and quick and easy cleaning.

      In order to prevent water vapor from overflowing, an exhaust vent is provided at the top of the degreasing and phosphating section to prevent steam from overflowing into the workshop.

      B, liquid storage tank:

      All the inner plates of the troughs are made of stainless steel plates. All the welds in the troughs are sealed by a pass-welding process to prevent liquid leakage. The upper part of the trough body is provided with an overflow port and a water supply port. The bottom plate of the trough is a slope structure with the lowest bottom. There is a discharge pipe at the place to facilitate production and cleaning.

      A stainless steel filter basket (30-60 mesh) is installed in the tank to prevent foreign matter from being sucked into the pump body. Between degreasing, phosphating and water washing, a countercurrent complementary process is employed to prevent stringing of the respective tank solutions. During the manufacturing and installation process, the appearance should be smooth, smooth, beautiful without serious scratches, no leakage welding, no liquid leakage.

      C, sprinkler:

      It is mainly composed of spray pump, spray pipe, nozzle, valve, etc. The principle is that the spray pump of each station inputs the tank liquid into the spray pipeline, and sprays the workpiece through various nozzles. The valves in the valve are used to regulate the pressure and flow of the pump to meet the requirements of the pretreatment process.

      Each station spray pump uses a new type of pipeline centrifugal pump. The distance between the spray pipes is 120mm, and the water supply mode of the spray pipe is upward, which is convenient for pipe installation.

      The nozzle is made of polypropylene quick-disconnecting universal ball head nozzle PPR6520, and the upper nozzle is about 250mm away from the workpiece.

      In the production process, the pipeline is smooth, there is no leakage at the joint, and the bend of the pipeline is connected by elbows. The overall route is beautiful, neat, and easy to disassemble and maintain.

      The phosphating tank is made of stainless steel and has a volume of about 2000*1950*H500MM. It is suitable for cleaning this equipment.


      2, drying the drying tunnel:

      The main body of the drying tunnel adopts the profile skeleton, which is directly connected to the tunnel type thermal insulation structure. The inner Mongolian panel is made of &0.8mm stainless steel, and the outer Mongolian panel is selected (with &150mm rock wool insulation layer) 1.2mm cold plate sheet metal. The overall structure is scientific and reasonable, and the outer wall of the drying tunnel is average. The temperature is not higher than the ambient temperature of 6 °C.

      The manufacturing and installation appearance is smooth and beautiful.

         (2) Hot air circulation system:

      It consists of an electric heater and a hot air circulation device.

      The inner wall of the hot blast stove is made of &1.2mm stainless steel. The electric heater is made of stainless steel, and the hot air circulation device is composed of a centrifugal fan, a supply air duct and a return air outlet. The centrifugal fan is a 4-72 air-cooled heat-resistant circulating fan, and the air duct is made of &0.7mm stainless steel plate.

      The hot air circulation mode of the hot blast stove is the upper suction and the air supply type.

      The temperature in the furnace is controlled by a single point.

         (3) Exhaust device and hot air forming device:

      There is a set of natural exhaust gas discharge device at the top of the furnace body, which is used for timely discharging the steam volatilized and evaporated, and the air duct is made of &0.8mm galvanized sheet. The waste hot air is pressed by the high pressure blower and used to blow dry. Workpieces. This can greatly improve the efficiency of drying and save energy.

         (4) Delivery system:

              The system consists of motor power 1.5KW/380 160:1 imported from Japan GTR connected gear motor, phosphating conveyor belt, synchronous bridge system, drying conveyor belt, and so on. When baked by the process furnace, the operation is stable, safe and reliable, and there is no jitter.

       3. Electronic control part:

         (1) The whole line of electronic control is a combined control of multiple cabinets, which is easy to operate.

         (2) Its function is to control equipment such as pre-treatment equipment, moisture drying furnace and conveying system. The control cabinet is also equipped with electric heater and fan interlock double protection circuit breaker, overload protection, temperature control instrument furnace temperature automatic control system, and emergency stop switch on the upper and lower parts of the workpiece, which has the characteristics of simple operation and convenient maintenance.

        (3) The primary power distribution is the responsibility of the user (the power transmission from the workshop power distribution cabinet to the equipment electrical control cabinet), and the secondary power distribution is the responsibility of us (both the equipment electrical control cabinet to the equipment), and the wiring is the bridge. Trace, branch pipe type.